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Builder brings new age of suburban living

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Brolen Homes is helping to ease the housing crisis by providing affordable and quality solutions.

'Ensuring everyone has access to affordable homes is key to economic, social stability.' Ross Molluso

In the midst of a housing crisis, Sydneysiders are searching for alternative ways to enter the real estate market despite an accelerated market proving difficult to penetrate. With inflation wreaking havoc and a lack of inventory, all these factors are leading to a bottleneck, leaving many frustrated.

One home builder making positive inroads by providing affordable, innovative and quality housing solutions is BrolenHomes. One of its main developments has been The Crown Residences in Oran Park, just an hour from the Sydney CBD. Owner and directorRossMolluso says he saw an opportunity to alleviate the housing tension by helping buyers fulfil their dream home aspirations.

“In a world where the cost of living continues to rise, BrolenHomes understands the importance of affordable housing,” he says. “Ensuring everyone has access to affordable homes is key to economic and social stability. BrolenHomes offers high-quality homes within an attainable budget, allowing more people to achieve their dream of home ownership.”

Founded in 2013, BrolenHomes has been at the forefront of some impressive developments with major contracts with the NSW LandHousing Corporation, DefenceHousingAustralia and private developers. It is now making a considerable mark in the suburb of Oran Park, which has fast become one of Greater Sydney’s largest growing housing precincts.

Molluso says the company has gained traction in the area thanks to its unique approach when working with clients. At the forefront is its commitment to producing quality builds while keeping costs down. “Central to my approach is the understanding that every home is a unique reflection of its owner’s desires and lifestyle,” he says. “By establishing a close and collaborative relationship with clients, BrolenHomes ensures that each home is tailor-made to suit their needs perfectly while keeping it affordable and within their means.


The Brolen Homes team of Nick Velickovic (left), Scott McElhinney and founder Ross Molluso.

The Crown Residences in Oran Park is a main development currently under construction:

‘‘I firmly believe that clients should be actively involved in the entire building process, empowering them to see their dream home transform into a tangible reality – a principle that remains at the core of the company’s ethos.”

This commitment to high-quality construction has helped BrolenHomes attract a large customer base searching for modern technologies, eco-friendly builds, innovative architecture and convenient locations without being priced out of the market.

Its ability to understand the needs of individuals feeling the pinch in a housing crisis is paying dividends. As inner-city real estate continues to balloon, home builders like

BrolenHomes are helping clients move into homes that are economically accessible, environmentally friendly, and thoroughly livable just outside the city centre.

This is evident by a line-up of multi-development projects in the pipeline. It is currently building eight townhouses, three display homes in Oran Park, two in Menangle Park, one in Wilton Greens and 15 terraces in partnership with Greenfield Developments.

There has never been a more important time to provide affordable housing solutions for a growing number of Aussies with their backs against the wall. With companies like BrolenHomes in the mix, it’s clear there is light at the end of the housing crisis.

Article from Sydney Morning Herald - Affordable Home Buiding Feature, 4th August 2023, Page 36.

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