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Designing pet friendly homes

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Pet friendly homes are becoming increasingly popular with the rise in animal ownership in Australia. According to RSPCA Australia, there are more than 29 million pets in Australia.

Dogs are the most common with almost 50 per cent of households owning at least one, followed by cats at 30 per cent.

Bianca Petrucci, Interior Designer for Brolen Homes said, “If you are thinking about renovating or about to build a new home, pet friendly designs need to be considered to minimise hassles and accidents. Floors are top of the list. Glazed porcelain tiles are ideal as well as semi-polish or matt laminate flooring which has a timber look. Both are durable, easy to clean and can hide scratches. Colour should also be factored in. Darker colours generally hide stains more easily.

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“Most pets love to move between indoor and outdoor spaces. Pet doors are an excellent addition, often placed near the laundry door for ease of access. There are different types and sizes depending on the pet’s requirements. Places such as Bunnings is a good starting point. Mud rooms are also becoming fashionable as a designated area to wash and groom pets.”

She added, “Australian’s have a love affair with living inside outside. Alfresco spaces are becoming the norm. These spaces need to be pet friendly with plenty of fresh air and natural sunlight.

“Artificial turf is a great addition to small backyards, especially for dogs. The turf is very easy to clean and looks great. Kids also love it too. Pet accessories such as wee pads, cat scratch boards and play pens are also valuable additions help control pets in a home environment.”

“Pets are an integral part of the family and need to be considered when designing a dream home. If a pet is content in their new environment the owner will be too,” Bianca concluded.